Thursday, October 18, 2012

Simulator documentation: Trick room

Trick room: the experimental space      
            Trick room is the simulator that question the relationship of opening, interior space
and object. By create the games that the player can choose to remove one plane of 
interior space to re-connect enclosed space to outside space then select one object
to appear in the scene. Experience that people will perceive from simulator is  how 
exterior flow in to interior to change our experience and how object and space
effect to people.

Trick room: Simulator manual

         The idea of trick room is to create the virtual room into the white wall by project the interactive
space that connect with computer and use computer as the experience builder that control by the

Trick room: Set up and exhibition 

            However, the surface of the wall is noe smooth and clean enough for projection. And the fact
that player have to sit behind the projector is limit the player to experience the space. I replaced
the wall with the steel-frame screen and project the room from behind the screen instead. 

The simulator flash games will publish soon as soon as I can figure out the method of publishing : )  


Thursday, October 11, 2012


SIMULATOR: AWARENESS (Right) from oyoiko on Vimeo.


Here are the links of the simulator:

I'm working on a simulator of awareness, which my simulator is made by flash program and projected on two walls at the room corner. The wall on the left is painted in black and wall on the right is painted in white. The first video projected on the left side of the wall and the second video projected on the right side of the wall. 

Above is my simulator documentation, each frame is the screenshots of the two videos in every second combined together. There are 120 frames, each frame will show the color bar which presenting the level of being able to aware. The 3 squares are the documentation from 3 viewers showing whether they were able to  aware or focus on specific elements or aware of any changes.

Simulator Documentations : Mood alteration through space

Simulator Documentation from Chayapat on Vimeo.

Here is a video where a player is tested. The simulator is testing on "Mood Alteration Through Space" with the use of the program called Unreal Development Kit (UDK) use in gaming design. The UDK is a very powerful program in a sense that it allows us player to move in the space created in realtime action. Each path has a distinct characteristics which tends to give you different mood.The 3 elements which has great effects on people which that are chosen are Sound, Light, and Dimension. The simulator is designed as a diagram. The top diagrams shows the different path the player can take and how they are physically different. The bottom diagram shows where light and sound comes in and where you will encounter them in the simulator.
This is the diagram showing the composition of my simulator, how it works, and how I document.
The simulator is projected onto a black wall of 3mx3m. The player will put on the headphone and move through space via a controller.

The feedback I was given is that the space created in the UDK turns out to be unpleasant due to the limited spectrum and that will not be suitable for an up coming project to design a shopping mall. The direction I am heading to now is to aim for ways to explore and attracts people.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Simulator Documentation: Rules between People and Space

This is the video of my midterm simulator where the entire classroom is used as a static space with different types of boundaries according to my rules catalogue. There is a total of 12 participants in my simulator where every enter the room without knowing what they are supposed to do at all and the master speaker and iphones at the corner instructs them to do certain things involving with "invisible rules", "visible but not physical rules", "physical rules", "activities rules", and "object rules". This is all to test the people's reaction as certain instructions are organized in a timely manner.

Simulator- Rhythm by space - Documentation

This is what I want to achieve from my simulator

I started the simulator phase by creating a series of room with different dimension, from a very narrow room of 2m (high) x2m (wide) x20m (length) to a very large one of 20m x20m x20m. 

Then I create a graph of rhythm that I want other people experience and arranges the rooms accordingly, and created videos.
<iframe src="" width="500" height="375" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe> <p><a href="">final sequence1</a> from <a href="">Ton Rojradtanasiri</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.</p>

After that I created these space in 3D using Unreal Development Kit, to see how it feels like when moving around in the actual space.

and this is the video of what happen when moving around in the space.

Rhythm by Space.m4v from Ton Rojradtanasiri on Vimeo.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Documentation of Simulator - DJ platform

simulator : DJ platform creates sound from movement of human.
The device meant to interact to users' movement across the platform that I marked out as in grid boundary.
Each time users move on each grid, it will create different sound, and many sound create a melody.
And by engaging to the device, users change the noise quality in this space, which is also derive attention of the others inspectors toward it as well as encourage their feeling of desire to know what is going on.
People might enjoy using and playing with the device, however the device also control the way people move or act toward it and it's by choices of users.

Program i used is MAX/MSP code writer program, combine with usb camera, and surround stereo, plugging in a laptop.
Here is the testing before the real proposal.


The above video is the recording of one of the guest critique movement and choice while walking through my UDK simulator. The path that he chose determines his mood and feelings.


Elements that make up different narratives

Monday, October 8, 2012


The testing feedback is that the color would be more effective,
 if it was suddenly shifted along with the movement of people 
and also the shifted of transition it's not only based on our vision 
but also our movement through space which is 3D.

This is how the simulator being used by my colleagues.

From the research of the case studies of transition,
 there are tons of transition to be collect and discover.
One of them is color. By using color, simulator hoped to impact 
people at certain degree whether it is physical or emotional.
The simulator was built into two section separating by a portal in the middle. 
On each wall, colors will be projected differently. 
The color project on the floor through the portal opening 
hope to also lead people through another space with also another different color.

Simulator : Operation Vagary Process and Documentation Part 1

Monday, October 1, 2012

Documentation of simulator

This video shows my simulator on the mid-term review day, when there was someone testing on it. The result isn't turn out well. A person can't recognized the space that i created. Also, the different level of surface intricacy wasn't much clear. 

I put two more diagrams of the simulator, there is diagram of transition of space and the diagram indicates each images of different level of intricacy.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Midterm: Simulator Presentation

Using people to change space

 Catalogue of Rules related to the triggers of people in space:

Diagrams of Simulator Manuel:

Simulator Diagram: Using people to create space by embedding the rules from the catalogue into it

Midterm Simulator Diagrams

Blind Movement inside the simulator

This simulator focuses on these four senses.

This is the documentation of the test from the midterm review.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Enclosed nature

           Have you ever question about your space? We always walk from one space to another. Our everyday life starts when you wake up inside your bedroom. Open the door and go outside. Then reach your destination by going inside something again, Human always define the boundaries to separate one space with another space by draw the line and go inside it. And when we cross those boundaries, we are outside those spaces but inside another space. That happen in everywhere in the earth that you can go. You are inside your home your home locates inside the city your city is inside your country. However, that is the boundaries that you cannot see. But after we define boundaries that belong to us we physically build something on that space. Now it changes, now we can see those boundaries. And those physical boundaries change our experience. But why we needed to contain ourselves inside that space?
            What human different from other species is how we live in this world. We not only live in this world, we also have technologies to use the materials to build our world and live inside it. From shed to condominium, from market to shopping mall, from factory to office building but our buildings and architecture have one common experience, the experience of being contain by something. We will discover the component of this experience through the basic needed of our life, home. We may control the animal to work for us, control RAW material to made and construct something. But there is one thing that we never reach it until now, the sky.  Since some activity of the earth are not good for living thing. Some find some landscape to cover their head from the rain, some adapt the land scape to keep them worm in the winter, and some have ability to hibernate. First generation of us also lives in the cave, but the evolution give us powerful ability, the ability to build it up by ourselves. And we start to frame the nature though the building. We Build wall to protect us from danger, we build roof for protect our head from sun, rain and snow. Finally we create the container for ourselves. Then we construct the experience of being inside and realize that we cannot live in that enclosed container. Our eyes useless without light, our body can’t breathe in fully enclosed space these maybe the reason behind the experience of inside and the reason why we feel better when we going out of those container and breath the fresh air, feel the breeze and contact with sunlight. We develop our building environment by added those elements back to our container. We invent light bulb to generate artificial sunlight, we invent fan to generate breeze and we invent air condition for control the temperature. These elements regenerate quality of nature inside our container.
                Process of regeneration reconnect our container to the nature, blur the boundaries of inside outside and become the experience of each interior. And the key of experience of outside are not only going out of the container, but it about how the nature interacts with us and how we feel the changing of the world. The experience of outside can’t be recreate unless we accept the change of nature inside our container. But millions of new experience can be create by combination of those elements. And the new experience can be found on the boundary of inside outside.

 Shane Viruth Purichanont

Capriccio Sketch

variety of attention happen at the same time. When people engage each of them, it interact and leads people to another space. The effect of interactive relationship transforms the environment.
'Discovering moment' happen when people start to notice, pay attention and influence over these performances. The performance starts to plays its show and then giving out a new ambiance to a space.

Simulator Diagram